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اجمل ما قيل عن الاسلام بالانجليزي

اجمل ما قيل عن الاسلام بالانجليزي

اجمل ما قيل عن الاسلام بالانجليزي

- The most grateful to men is the most grateful to Allah.

- Pride is the defect of beauty.

- Waste is the fault of generosity.

- Pride is the fault of good birth.

- Forgetting is the fault of science.

- Give to the one who refuses to give you.

- Take care of the one who tries to break ties with you.

- Forgive anyone who is unfair to you.

- May Allah forgive a faithful who says good and takes advantage or is silent to be safe.

- Wine is the key to evil.

- Remember often the one that puts an end to pleasures: death

- Lower your eyes and preserve your sex.

- No good is to be expected from one who does not become familiar with anyone.

- Stay in the service of the mother because paradise is at her feet

- Stay attached to the use of the formula: "yaa dhal -djalal wal-ikram

(O the Holder of majesty and generosity)

- Islam destroys what precedes it.

- Any innovation in religion is an aberration and any aberration leads to hell.

- Master your language, stay home and cry for your faults.

- Attach yourself to the service of your mother, attach yourself to the service of your mother, attach yourself to the service of your mother and then that of your father and that of the nearest.

- Feed the poor, and massage the head of the orphan

- The one who indicates the good is like the one who does it.

Here's a collection of helpful lyrics and rich sayings and global rules. We ask Allah to make them useful. If, after sending them, you want others, let them know so that we can provide you with more.

Excerpts from the Qur'an are placed in parentheses and elements taken from the Sunnah surrounded by quotation marks. The other words are left unmarked.

- (Be fair in your remarks)

- (Seek assistance in patience and prayer)

- (Say good to people)

- (Respect your commitments)

- (Allah commands you to return the deposits to their owners)

- (Do not tie your hand to your neck and do not stretch it completely: do not be stingy or prodigal)

- (Eat and drink but do not waste)

- (Take a viaticum.) The best viaticum is piety

- (Whoever fears Allah, this one arranges for him an exit and supplies it of sources, which he did not suspect)

- (Allah is enough for anyone who confides in Him)

- (Whoever obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah)

- (You will reach piety only by spending what you prefer.)

- (Allah is enough for us, what an excellent agent He is!)

- (Do not walk on the ground without restraint.)

- (Do not drive with pride in front of people)

- (Walk moderately and lower your voice.)

- (Do not overestimate your benefits for others.)

- Be in good standing vis-à-vis Allah, he will keep you.

- If you are not ashamed, do what you want.

- Eat lawful, your prayers will be answered.

- Fear Allah wherever you are.

- Erase evil with good.

- Have a good attitude towards people.

- Get away from the forbidden, you will be the most devout.

- Be satisfied with your lot, you will be the richest

- Love for people what you love for yourself

- Do not laugh too much because the frequency of laughter kills the heart.

- Injustice turns into darkness on the day of the Resurrection.

- Fear Allah and be fair to your children.

- Fear hell by giving, if only a fraction of a date.

- Good character is the thing that weighs heaviest on tolerance.

- Prudence is inspired by Allah and rushing by Satan.

- A modest fortune facilitates the examination of accounts in the afterlife.

- Do not get upset, you will have paradise.

- The most beloved acts of Allah are the most durable, even if they are of small quantity.

- The most beloved places of Allah are the mosques.

- The least beloved places of Allah are the markets.

- The most beloved foods of Allah are those shared by the greatest number of hands.

- The most beloved words of Allah consist in saying: Subhana Allah wa bihamdihi

- The most kind to Allah among men is most useful to his fellow men.

- The most beloved act of Allah is to please a Muslim.

- Whoever controls his anger, will see his faults hidden by Allah.

- Bad character alters good deeds like vinegar honey.

- The most beloved of Allah are those with the best character.

- Beware of the glitz of life here below; it is fresh and sweet.

- Shave your mustache and preserve the beard.

- Return deposits to depositors.

- Do not betray the one who betrayed you.

- Pray Allah while being sure of the fulfillment

- Reassure people with good words and do not discourage them.

- Eat with your right hand and just eat things that are near you.

- If Allah gives you goods, make sure that their traces appear on you.

- If a leader introduces himself to you, reserve him a welcome worthy of his rank.

- If a man of a religiosity and a satisfactory morality presents himself to you to marry, marry him.

- If Allah wants the good of a family, it inspires them sweetness.

- When you do a bad act, have him followed by a good one.

- If something disturbs your conscience, leave it alone.

- The quickest among you to give advice in matters of religion is the quickest to rush to hell.

- Love the poor and invade their assemblies.

To commit an error in forgiving is better than to commit it by punishing.

- Do not judge when you're upset.

- When you want to talk about someone's faults, pray for him.

- "When you commit a sin, say: I ask Allah for forgiveness"

- "When a benefit is granted to you, say praise to Allah"

- "When a misfortune strikes you, say: We certainly belong to Allah and it is to Him that we will return.

- seek sustenance through the practice of almsgiving.

- Offer food and good words.

- Seek the fulfillment of the invocation at the time of the completion of the prayer and the descent of the rain.

- The muezzins will be the ones who will have the longest necks on the day of the Resurrection.

- Worship Allah as if you saw Him.

- The most incapable is one who is unable to practice the invocation.

- The most stingy is the one who is too greedy

- Pay the worker before his sweat dries out

- Tie the good then entrust yourself to Allah (= trust in Allah does not exclude the use of ordinary means ... »

- Enjoy your life before the advent of death.

- Enjoy your health before the advent of the disease.

- Enjoy your free time before other charges arrive.

- Enjoy your wealth before the coming of poverty.

- Enjoy your youth before old age.

- "The best dhikr is: there is no god but Allah.

- The best alms is offered by a poor person.

- The upper hand is better than the lower one.

- The best payoff is a well-conducted sales transaction.

- The best believers are those who possess the best character.

- The best immigrants are those who leave what Allah has forbidden

- The best jihad is to fight against oneself to please Allah.

- Read the Qur'an every month.

- Read the Qur'an because it will intercede for its readers on the day of the Resurrection.

- Pray frequently for salvation.

Most of the faults committed by the son of Adam (man) are caused by his tongue.

- "Say frequently: there is no way or strength in Allah because this sentence is the treasures of paradise. "

- Be fair in your judgments.

- When you enter a house, greet its occupants.

- Be attentive when you are reminded of Allah.

- If Allah gives you a sustenance you did not seek, take it.

- When your good deeds please you and your bad deeds displease you, you are a believer.

- When you hear the call to prayer, answer the call of Allah.

- When you hear the call of the muezzin, repeat what he says.

- When one of you is angry, let him shut up.

- "When an angry man says: I ask protection from Allah, his anger subsides. "

- When a man says to a hypocrite: Sir ... he has aroused the wrath of Allah."

- When you pray, do it as if it were a farewell prayer.

- Start at the right when doing ablutions or wearing your clothes.

- When one of you meets his brother (in religion) he greets him.

- Remember death in your prayer.

- have mercy on those who are on earth, you will enjoy the pity of Him who is in heaven.

- Renounce the tinsel of this world, Allah will love you.

- Renounce the goods of people, they will love you.

- Be ashamed of Allah as it should be

- Protect the belly against any bad content.

- Be discreet in order to succeed in your businesses.

- Any holder of a benefit is exposed to jealousy.

- Only a believer is careful to perpetuate the practice of ablutions.

- The most avaricious of people is the one who is too greedy.

- The greatest thief is the one who amasses his prayers by not completing genuflections and prostrations.

- Make beneficial interventions, you will be rewarded.


إذا أعجبك محتوى مدونتنا نتمنى البقاء على تواصل دائم ، فقط قم بإدخال بريدك الإلكتروني للإشتراك في بريد المدونة السريع ليصلك جديد المدونة أولاً بأول ، كما يمكنك إرسال رساله بالضغط على الزر المجاور ...

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