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موضوع بالانجليزي عن السفر

موضوع بالانجليزي عن السفر
موضوع عن السفر بالانجليزي 

Here are all the reasons that led me to go on a trip:
Why travel

That's how I came to make the decisions to make a trip (each trip had a different motivation). I explain why I left. In the second part of the article, I will show you the benefits, the positive and often unexpected consequences of all my travels.

Why did I decide to travel?

Because an opportunity arose
Do you know how I got started on my very first trip? It's a friend who called me saying, "Hey, Jeremy, how about going to Oslo next month?" Being fascinated by this country since my teenage years, I answered yes without really knowing what I was doing.

I was far from imagining that a few years later, I would have made trips a way of life in its own right, me the little Norman who never put my feet out of my native region more than once by year (and again, never to go far).

In short, an opportunity arose, I seized it, and that's how I discovered Oslo and Norway for the first time in my life, in the spring of 2010.

To fulfill a child's dream
Since my adolescence, I am passionate about Scandinavia. The reason may surprise you: at the base, it has nothing to do with travel. It's the music that made me take an interest in this part of the world (metal, in particular). Then came the interest in Nordic mythology. At the age of 24, I decided to move to Sweden, in my dear city of Gothenburg, to fulfill the desire to live in the land of metal (and to fulfill the dream of the child I was (and that I'm always a little 🙂 )).

To learn new languages
With passion for travel, came the passion of languages. It's going to sound silly, but I thought it was great to be able to communicate using words other than my own from a very young age.

I started to learn a lot of languages, without fully mastering any of them. Italian and Swedish are languages ​​that I vaguely stumble after long and repeated stays in these two countries. I manage in Spanish (for living in Andalusia at one time), and since I live in Zagreb I am learning Croatian (at least the basics because it is a really complicated language).

English no longer worries me: it is the official language of travelers, the one I speak most of the time since I left on the roads.

To break my misconceptions about certain peoples
There are two trips I made not to satisfy the desire to discover a country, but because I had in mind a terribly bad image of a people. And I wanted to confront my prejudices with the reality of the field.

This is Spain and Italy that I had in the pif, without knowing why (well, yes, the Italians because of football). It is for this reason that I have been discovering Andalusia several times (I still have plenty of places to explore in Spain, especially Galicia which attracts me more and more), and that I go to less once a year in Italy, a country I love so much (while I went there with a priori as long as the arm).

In short, if you wonder why traveling, here's a good reason: to break down your preconceived ideas, your prejudices, by confronting them to the real world. Sometimes these prejudices will be confirmed, sometimes (often) they will fade away.

Out of pure curiosity
Sometimes I hear about a country or a place. On TV, in an article, at the corner of a conversation. Or I meet a guy who comes from a place a little exotic, on which I have precisely not the least a priori. This is the kind of stuff that will tickle my curiosity, and that will make me want to go there at once.

This is how, for example, I visited Malaysia during my trip to Southeast Asia. I did not have the slightest idea what could be hidden behind this funny name, so since I was not far away, I went there.

Because plane tickets were not expensive
You'll tell me, if there's a silly reason to travel, that's it. But after all, why not ! In fact, that's how I traveled to many European destinations. Places where I will certainly have gone later, but for which I had my hand forced because at one time, there was a plane ticket at a price absolutely irresistible.

In addition, as I'm smart and I know how to find cheap air tickets, this is the kind of thing that happens to me very often. I could not even tell you where I went because of cheap flights, there are plenty!

To change my mind and do the media diet
When I lived in France, where I lived all year, it was very difficult for me to take a step back and manage not to suffer the gloomy ambient propagated throughout the day by the media and their bad news.

However, once I set foot outside and instantly cut off all active and passive sources of information, I realized that this heavy atmosphere was anything but inevitable.

I realized that there are many places on earth where people are in a good mood, friendly, open, and especially less stressed than in our big French cities. In Eastern Europe, where I am currently, the general climate in the big cities is much more pleasant than at home, more relaxed.

When you go to another country, as long as you do one where you do not understand the language, you immediately dodge the contamination of moroseness of mind. Personally, this diet makes me crazy: I feel refreshed.

So, this is not the best reason to travel, we agree (say there is a way to do more positive as a step), but it may be something you will face. Or in any case, once on a trip, you will see what I want to talk about.

To find the sun and a pleasant climate
Here is something more positive: when you are from Normandy (like me) and it is gray three quarters of the year, at a time if you want to sun it will have to move. To the south. That's how I landed in Asia, or, more regularly and less far, that's why I often go to Andalusia in the winter, before the Christmas holidays, when the gray and rainy weather weighs me down too much in the northern part of Europe.

To meet new people
I love the meetings we do on a trip. Because we do not have time to lie, to wear a mask. We know that we just cross each other. We share a piece of life and we go elsewhere. There is a magical side to the ephemeral of these encounters. A kind of immediate solidarity is taking place. One and the other know what everyone is living, his galleys, his joys, his difficulties.

We help each other, we sell tips, we tell our stories about a good meal or a good beer. And we start again, each on his side, promising that we will meet again later, later.

Most of the time, these encounters become good memories, but sometimes they turn into friendships that last for years.

Contrary to what one thinks before departure, meeting people on a trip is rather easy, especially in countries where backpackers are easily identifiable physically. And especially if you travel alone, as was my case for years.

To improve my purchasing power and better enjoy everyday life
What can you do with 500 € per month? In France, not much. See nothing at all, barely enough to survive. But in other parts of the world, 500 € is a very nice sum.

Here, where I am, in Croatia (which is not the third world, eh), 500 € is more than the local minimum wage. That's about what I spend in a month here, and having the sensation of making me happy. In France, for the same way of life, I will easily spend 1200-1500 €. For exactly the same thing, huh.

Last example in date, no later than this afternoon: a tray of 500 grams of strawberry on the market, that I paid ... 1 €! I do not have the exact French price in mind, but from the nose I would say that 500 grams of strawberry, especially at the beginning of the season, it's at least 3 €.

To take a more telling, a pint of beer, on the terrace in the city center of the capital, costs here € 2. How much in Paris, in a central district? Here.

Traveling, when you make a modest living in France, allows you the space of a few days or weeks, to be able to really enjoy yourself, to have the feeling of enjoying life, when you go to cheap countries. Add to that the disorientation and all the benefits of the trip that I am saying here, and you already have an ideal answer to your question "why travel".

By need to be in motion, to have something new in my life
I need something new in my life. Constantly. When things are too routine, I get bored and end up depressing. I need to change air frequently, to have the mind solicited by new things around me. I need to challenge myself from time to time, confronting myself with the unknown. And travel is what best fills this need, as far as I'm concerned.

That's it, we went around the 'causes', if I may say so, of my travels. Basically, what triggered, at one time or another, the desire to travel, to go elsewhere. Beyond these rational reasons, here is what I gained to travel so much.


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